"You’ve got to run, not walk, to try their tacos– a refreshing, utterly satisfying blend of east Asian and Mexican influences."

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"If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, superstar chef Susur Lee must be blushing."
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"I was overly thrilled with the prawn in betal leaf. It seemed like an envelope of prawn inside this deep-fried leaf. So simple but crispy on the outside filled with a flood of flavors on the inside. The prawn with galangal is quite opposite. It is a single prawn perched like a tadpole on a leaf, but upon your first bite comes the kick of galangal. Quite unique."

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Sidedoor |

"Refreshingly unlike anything else in Ottawa, Sidedoor is about small, Mexican and Asian-inspired, produce-driven sharing plates. Takes on tacos, Indian and Thai curries, Chinese dumplings, and inventive twists on Japanese favourites, all delivered by an unlikely source. One doesn't tend to think "curry" when one thinks "Carmichael." "
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